Earth Moving Projects

SRK Contractors Earth moving projects

Our clients

We service a diverse, growing range of clients, including:

  • Property Developers
  • Civil construction
  • Building
  • Government

Some of the projects SRK were involved with:

Wellard Village
Job Description: Removal and disposal of excess topsoil and mulch offsite.
Quantity: Approximately 90,000 tonnes
Client: PEET Ltd
Project Engineers: TABEC

Honeywood Estate
Job Description: Removal of peat offsite.
Quantity: Approximately 95,000 tonnes
Client: Satterley Group
Project Engineers: Peritas Group

Helena valley view stage 2
Job Description: Removal and disposal of clay offsite
Quantity: Approximately 20,000 tonnes
Client: ERTECH

Cockburn commercial park
Job Description: Removal & disposal of topsoil & rubbish offsite
Quantity: Approximately 25,000 tonnes
Client: ERTECH

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