Earthworks contractors

We deliver on quality, safety and price.

SRK Contractors:  earthworks contractors provides expert, specialist earthmoving services on commercial, industrial and residential projects. We are based south of the river and proudly service all suburbs throughout the Perth area.

Our focus is on delivering high-quality work at a 100% safety rate with 100% client satisfaction. From start to finish, we strive to deliver the best value for money for our clients. In addition, we consistently ensure every job is done right, on time, the first time.

An environmentally friendly choice

Australians are among the highest waste producers in the world. We generate almost 41 million tonnes of rubbish each year – that is about 1.9 tonnes from each of us. Half of this rubbish is either being dumped in the environment or sent to landfill where it cannot be recycled.

Where possible, our solutions are environmentally friendly. Also, we will always reuse uncontaminated materials such as topsoil, peat, clay and mulch. So here are some of the ways we can reuse and recycle these materials:

  • Peat removed from a residential subdivision was supplied to a garden supplies company for manufacturing garden compost
  • Mulch from several residential subdivisions were supplied to various private properties and garden supplies companies
  • Topsoil from several subdivisions was screened and blended with clean sand to generate suitable engineered fill sand

Our people

Our team is lead by an owner operator who is a hands-on leader who will oversee all works on your project, be onsite at each job and provide expert advice as required.

The size of each job will determine the number of contractors required. Hence all of our highly trained and experienced contractors are recognised for their proven ability to provide a professional service to a wide range of clients. Especially relevant is that they are skilled in meeting requirements within strict delivery timeframes, while ensuring safety and environmental factors are met.

As soon as SRK Contractors is awarded a project we immediately mobilise our equipment and team to start work on time and complete it according to the established timeframes.

Safety and Insurance

We place a strong emphasis on providing a safe working environment, managing physical and environmental risks and developing and maintaining safe work practices.

SRK Contractors operates under an Occupational Safety & Health (OSH) System, in accordance with WA legislative requirements, to ensure we are aligned with best practice standards of our clients. Also, we are equally committed to minimising environmental impacts on every project and comply with the AS:14000 standard for preventing environmental issues.

SRK Contractors is also fully insured:

  • Workers Compensation Insurance
  • Public Liability Insurance

With a focus on expert work, safety and customer satisfaction, SRK Contractors is your first choice in getting the job done!

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